Underhook's Privacy Policy (read below)

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     Underhook is highly sensitive to the privacy interests of consumers and believes that the protection of those interests is one of its most significant responsibilities. In acknowledgment of its obligations, Underhook has adopted the following Privacy Policy applicable to information about consumers that it acquires in the course of its business:

1. Acquisition of Receipt from the Order: The buyer agrees to print a copy of the receipt after placing the order and also save the email receipt for their records. This request will insure optimal security for the buyer just incase packages are misplaced. Our goal is to provide a safe ordering atmosphere for our buyers.  We do not acquire any more information about consumers other than what required by law or is otherwise necessary to provide a high level of service efficiently and securely. 

2. Our Employees and Privacy: We train all of our employees about the importance of privacy. We give access to information about consumers only to those employees who require it to perform their jobs.

3. Security Measures: We make access to privacy-sensitive information subject to rigorous procedural and technological controls, consistent with legal requirements and the demands of customer service.

4. Disclosure to Third Parties: We will provide individually-identifiable information about consumers to third parties only if we are compelled to do so by order of a duly-empowered governmental authority, we have the express permission of the consumer, or it is necessary to process transactions and provide our services.

5. Privacy and Our Business Partners: When we make our technology or services available to business partners, we will not share with them any more consumer information than is necessary, and we will make every reasonable effort to assure, by contract or otherwise, that they use our technology and services in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy.

6. E-Mail Privacy: We will never trade, give away, sell or by any facet share your email information with anyone. Underhook's e-mail list is used to inform potential and currently customers about updated products, promotionally productions and events.

7. Refunds and Exchanges: No refunds or exchanges will be issued for any item sold by Underhook that has been used, worn, washed or by any means altered from the natural state in which the item was delivered from Underhook. If there is a refund, all refunds will be transmitted through Pay Pal unless notified by the receiver.


    * PRIVATE LABEL TERMS AND Conditions: The normal turn around time for first time order is up to 2.5 months and orders place there after usually have a turn around time of 4 to 6 weeks depending on the item. Rush orders can be made upon request. 

     The private label customer agrees to and understands that in order for Underhook to provide quality services and products that the ordering client who has placed an order agrees to the terms and conditions of www.underhook.com and (TMAC ENTERTAINMENT). The ordering client, by ordering has agreed to the terms and conditions listed and provided by Underhook (DBA TMAC ENTERTAINMENT) and agrees to the terms of provided by www.underhook.com 

     The ordering client by placing the order agrees to the terms that have been expressed and listed by Underhook, (DBA TMAC ENTERTAINMENT). The ordering client by placing an order has agreed to the company terms and conditions provided by underhook.com.

     The ordering client by placing the order aggress that Underhook and any sub-division of Underhook is not responsible for any damages that any products that may arise. The buying client aggress to be 100% accountable for the distribution, type of usage, product inspection, how the products are sold, how the products are used and agrees that Underhook or any sub-division of Underhook is not accountable if the products cause damage to people or other items that the buying client may use the products on. The buying client by accepting the items agrees to be held 100% accountable for all ordered items and any damages that may occur from the usage of the products.

9. All sales are final: (i.e. size charts, illustrations and content examples are provided  via www.underhook.coms website), to ensure proper content information has been given. Private Label order sales are final after they have been approved and production has started, the ordering client, by placing the order agrees that the ordering client is 100% bound to the order once the order had been placed.

10. Shipping time frames: the (Buyer) when decides and initiates to purchase a product from Underhook agrees to the open shipping time frame, the (Buyer) understands that elements out of Underhook's control may effect a reasonable shipping delivery shipping time frame. Private Label shipping time frame is up to six (6) months, unless unforeseen issues arise and or depending upon the complexity of the order place.

11. In order for customers and Private Label clients to place orders they must agree to the sites terms and conditions. By placing an order via www.underhook.com, phone, or via Pay Pal the customer and Private Label client agrees that they have been provided the necessary terms and conditions and Privacy Policy and has agreed the sites terms and condition and Privacy Policy).

If you have questions about this privacy policy, send an e-mail to mac@underhook.com.